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標題: DBCS Reminder of of Week 5/9 Online Class 中英文 [打印本頁]

作者: admin    時間: 2020-5-8 02:13     標題: DBCS Reminder of of Week 5/9 Online Class 中英文

Dear Parents,

This Sat, 5/9, Chinese school will continue to have online classes. Online classes will continue until May 23.

Many parents have been asking about registration for next academic year or summer Chinese program. For sure we will continue to provide high quality Chinese learning experience for our students for the 2020-2021 academic year. We are in close contact with the district about schedule and facility usage. Once we finalize the details, we will open registration. For the summer program, it is almost certain that we have to offer classes online. We have not made the decisions about the program yet. If parents are interested in summer program, please send us emails with students name, level, and available time frame (both dates and hours). Once we have enough students interested in the program, we will make detailed arrangements.

We will be using the Zoom.You need to download and sign up for using the app. If students are unfamiliar with the Zoom meeting, please watch Zoom Video Tutorials: ... om-Video-Tutorials. Please note that one account can only join one meeting at a time. If you have two kids attending online classes at the same time, each of them needs an zoom account and a device. There are several things that need your attention:

1. Parents will receive Zoom Meeting invitations THROUGH EMAIL from teachers by Friday night. Not all classes have the same STARTING TIME. Please JOIN meeting on time. Not too early, Not too late. If you join before the teacher start the meeting, log out and try again at the starting time.

2. All meetings will use the "waiting room" function, please WAIT until teachers let you in. If you join the meeting ON TIME, teacher should let you in very soon. Once the session starts, the teacher will only allow students in for the first 5 mins. Otherwise, teachers will be distracted from their teachings.

3. If you have 2 or more kids attending online classes at the same time, please try to give each student an adequate space for study. If two students sit too close to each other and are not attending to the same class, students may not concentrate on their classes and in some cases, the devices may interfere with each other and cause unpleasant noise (mics and speakers from different devices).

4. All meeting ID and Password are recurring, which means you can use last weeks ID and Password for the same class. However, please do check your email just in case some classes make changes.

5. Please do not share Zoom Meeting links and log in information in public chat groups.

6. Please ask students to get ready their textbooks, homework books, and other necessaary stationery.


上週的网課非常成功, 感謝家長和同學們的配合。希望我們大家一起努力,把今後的網課上好。


我們會使用ZOOM這個工具。請下載ZOOM的軟體,註冊及學會基本的使用。請注意,同一個Zoom賬戶不能在同一時間參加不同的Zoom Meeting。不熟悉Zoom的學生請自己觀看Zoom使用視頻,掌握基本使用方法: ... om-Video-Tutorials. 以下事項特別提醒家長注意:

1、 家長會在週五晚之前收到老師通過電子郵件發出的Zoom Meeting的邀請。請注意保存該郵件,並注意上課的時間。不是所有班級都同時開始上課。請準時進入“教室”,不要早,也不要晚。如果太早,請退出后,等到開始時間后再進入。



4、各班的Meeting ID和密碼應該都是重複使用的,所以您可以用上週的信息來登錄。當然,最好還是在週五晚查看電子郵件,確保登錄信息的準確。





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