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核桃學區華人家長會定於下週六下午一點半到四點半在核桃高中多功能教室(MPR)舉辦2013-2014年度首次大學招生錄取人員及面試官員見面會。如果您想知道加州大學,長春藤及私立大學 的申請審核標準,及2013-2014入學申請的最新改變,請不要錯過這一年一度最重要的升學資訊講座,屆時會有UCI,University of Chicago ,Penn,Stanford, Williams college等各大院校主管升學的負責人,面試官及校友會代表與您面對面,現場開講,並為您解析真實案例成功與失敗的關鍵所在。歡迎家長及學生踴躍參加. 本次講座會有免費的助學金申請評估大放送,只限五名,並開放CAPA贊助的青少年課外實習活動的現場報名,額滿為止。詳情請參閱附件.


CAPA-WHS will be hosting its annual College Admissions Seminar for the 2013-2014 school year on September 7, 2013 in Walnut High School’s Multi-purpose Room.  If you are interested in knowing the admission standards for elite universities, including Ivy League schools, elite private colleges, and the most selective UCs, solving the college admission puzzle, and understanding the changes in the college admission process, please do not miss this annual event. Our guest speakers will include Admissions Officers and representatives, and alumni from UCI, University of Chicago, UPenn, Stanford, and Williams Colleges.  They will be sharing real college application cases analyses and will also be teaching you how to crack the mystery of college admission. Five students will also have the opportunity to receive free Financial Aid Assessments during the seminar. During the seminar you will also have the opportunity to sign-up for the CAPA –WHS sponsored Youth Outreach Program opportunity only available through this event. Please RSVP, as space is limited.  The seminar information is attached.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and we greatly appreciate your support for CAPA-WHS!
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Thank you!

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